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We Are An Independent Online Retailer With Over 100 Grandfather Clocks, 31 Cuckoo Clocks, 276 Table Clocks and 272 Wall Clocks

We're Not Your Typical Online Clock Retailer; We're An Independent Clock Superstore

We offer an extraordinary collection of luxurious 100 grandfather clocks, 31 cuckoo clocks, 272 wall clocks and 276 mantel clocks with FREE shipping. From renowned HOWARD MILLER to premium HERMLE brands, we bring you the highest quality in the market, recommended by horologists for their unmatched durability. With just a click, upgrade your living room and fireplace instantly with a great customer service!

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Our GrandFather Clocks

Introducing the timeless elegance of Hermle and Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, now available in Canada! These magnificent timepieces are more than just clocks - they are works of art that will elevate any room in your home. With a range of styles from grandmother clockwooden wall clock with pendulum, quartz pendulum clock and mechanical clock movement there is a clock to suit every taste and decor. And with our White Glove policy, it's never been easier to bring one of these beauties into your home. Don't settle for a run-of-the-mill timepiece - choose a Hermle or Howard Miller Grandfather Clock and experience true sophistication. Browse our collection online today and start enjoying the beauty of your new clock tomorrow!

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Our Cuckoo Clocks

Experience the timeless charm of cuckoo clocks in Canada. Discover a wide selection of beautifully crafted bird clocks, from modern designs to vintage classics. Bring the enchanting melodies and whimsical charm of cuckoo clocks into your home today.

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Our Mantel Clocks

Howard Miller and Hermle Table Clocks

Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of a Hermle or Howard Miller mantel clock. Find the perfect table, desk, or shelf clock in Canada. Shop our wide selection of stylish and functional clocks for any space. From classic to modern designs, we have the perfect timepiece to complement your home or office. Don't wait - get your clock today and never miss a beat!

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Our Wall Clocks

Hermle and Howard Miller Wall Clocks available in Canada

Transform your space with the perfect wall clock from our wide selection. Whether you're looking for a large, oversized, modern, vintage, retro style outdoor or a pendulum wall clock we have the ideal clock to complement any room - be it your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office. Discover our stunning collection of wall clocks and give your space a stylish upgrade today. We also have sort out your favorite gold and black color wall clock

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Daniel Testimonial

‘ is hands down the best online store for clocks I have ever come across in the market. Not only are they stylish and durable, but their exceptional customer service and lightning-fast shipping have left me thoroughly impressed.’


Howard Miller Table Mantel Clock
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Howard Miller Redford Mantel Clock

Therese Testimonial exceeded all my expectations! I was astounded to discover a clock on their website that I never even knew existed. With an incredibly vast collection, they offer a truly unique shopping experience. What sets them apart is not only their selection, but also their lightning-fast shipping and impeccable customer service.


Howard Miller Redford Mantel Clock