Mantel Clocks and TableTop Clocks

Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of a Hermle or Howard Miller mantel clock. Find the perfect table, desk, or shelf clock in Canada. Shop our wide selection of stylish and functional clocks for any space. From classic to modern designs, we have the perfect timepiece to complement your home or office. Don't wait - get your clock today and never miss a beat!

Learn More About Mantel and TableTop Clocks


If you're looking to add some style and functionality to your home or office, then mantel clocks and tabletop clocks category should definitely be on your list. They're not only great decorative pieces but also excellent timekeepers. Hermle and Howard Miller are two of the most renowned brands when it comes to the mantel clocks and tabletop clocks in Canada.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the world of these clockmakers and explore their collections. We'll also talk about the benefits and options of having a mantel or tabletop clock, how to choose the right one for your space, and where to find them.


Benefits of Mantel and Tabletop Clocks

Mantel clocks and tabletop clocks offer more than just telling time. They add charm and elegance to any space, acting as the perfect decorative piece. You can choose between contemporary designs, antique styles, and modern finishes. Clocks come in various materials, such as wood, glass, and metal, making it possible to find one that perfectly matches your decor.

Another benefit is that mantel and tabletop clocks are portable. You can easily move them around to different places in your home or office, changing the look of your space in an instant. They also make great gifts, especially for people who appreciate vintage and antique pieces.

Hermle Table Clocks

Hermle is a German company that has been producing high-quality clocks since 1922. Their mantel and tabletop clocks are known for their precision, design, and craftsmanship. Hermle offers classic and modern designs, a range of sizes, and various materials, from brass to precious wood.

One of the most popular Hermle mantel clocks is the Astrolabium. It features a beautifully carved cherry wood case, intricate brass mechanism, and a monthly lunar cycle. This clock is perfect for people who appreciate antique design and precision.

Another great option is the Hermle Lakin Table Clock. It has a contemporary design, a glass case, and a quartz movement. It's a perfect timepiece for people who want a functional desk clock and a modern look.

Howard Miller Table Clocks

Howard Miller is an American company that has been crafting clocks for more than a century. They offer a wide range of mantel and tabletop clocks, from traditional to contemporary designs. Howard Miller focuses on craftsmanship, building their clocks to last for generations.

One of their bestselling mantel clocks is the Howard Miller Grant. This Cherry clock features a decorative molding, detailed fan overlays, and a brass-finished dial with raised black Arabic numerals. It is supported by four brass finished feet and is powered by a quartz, battery-operated dual-chime German-made movement. With volume control and automatic nighttime options, this clock is designed and assembled in the USA. Batteries not included.


We also have a cheaper clock: the HOWARD MILLER BURTON II MANTEL CLOCK 635107. Introducing a timeless addition to your home decor - this Windsor Cherry finished clock by Howard Miller. Crafted with select hardwoods and veneers, it features a decorative top molding, burl overlays, and a durable wooden frame. With its classic design and harmonic movement, it offers a choice of Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam chimes. Convenient volume control and automatic nighttime chime shut-off make it perfect for any room. Howard Miller, the world's leading clock company since 1926, delivers exceptional craftsmanship and quality.


In conclusion, Hermle and Howard Miller are two of the most trusted brands in the world of mantel and tabletop clocks. Their timepieces are perfect for people who are looking to elevate their home or office decor while keeping track of time in style.

Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, there's a Hermle or Howard Miller mantel or tabletop clock for you. Shop our wide selection of clocks today and add the perfect finishing touch to your space.