How to set up a grandfather clock (cable) - Howard Miller

How to set up a grandfather clock (cable) - Howard Miller


Grandfather Clock set up


Congratulations on your new Howard Miller grandfather clock! We have carefully ship your clock in the room of your choice and now it is your turn to set up the clock. Don’t worry, setting up the clock is simpler than you think. 



To start,  please remove the contents,  of the box,  in the following order: 

Begin by taking out,  the instruction manual,  located at the top of the box.  It will provide you,  with detailed information on how to properly assemble,  and maintain your clock. 

Next,  you will find a long cardboard box,  containing the pendulum.  Carefully remove it from the box,  and set it aside.   

At this point,  you will come across,  the actual frame of the clock.  Take it out,  and ensure that all parts are intact and undamaged. 

Lastly,  at the bottom of the box,  there will be a styrofoam container,  with several important items,  including:

- key (for the clock door), 

- a crank (used for winding the clock), 

- and weights (power your clock's movement).  


Position your clock.  At the bottom corners, use the levers to adjust up and down your clock so it is firm and solid in place.


Open the front door with your key and remove the cardboard sleeve that protects the chime rods by pulling gently as in A and B.


In this step, you will need to remove the clock movement packaging from the side access panel. Use the front door to remove the clip or tape that the side panel may be held into. 

Then, remove the panel by lifting slightly up and pushing it in towards the inside to completely separate the panel from the frame. Tip it with a small angle and pull it out through the opening. 

Now, it will be easy to gently remove the foam pads between the chime hammers and chime rods because you previously removed the cardboard sleeve.


Here is the most critical point!  . . .  of the set up.  DO NOT remove the styrofoam blocks,  from above the cable pulleys.  You can remove them,  only after 8 hours of normal operation,  when they become loose,  so you don't do any damage.  


It is now time to hang the pendulum.  Remove any protective plastic film,  if present,  and locate the pendulum guide.  Slip the pendulum by the front door,  and place the pendulum hook,  into the pendulum guide.  


Hanging the weights.  Remember,  do no remove the styrofoam block on the of the cable pulleys.  Place each weight,  in the correct position,  as you view the clock from the front,  and looking at the label: Left,  Middle or Right.  Also,  make sure the hook of the weight,  is tighly assemble.  


On selected models,  you will have the moon dial feature.  First,  put the moon to the 15 lunar day mark,  and add the number of days,  since the last full moon.  Rotate the moon dial clockwise,  by pressing gently with your fingertips.  If it do not want to rotate,  move the minute hand three and a half hours counterclockwise.  then retry.  


Set the time with only the minute hand, by rotating it counterclockwise. The hour hand will follow automatically. Stop moving the hand, if the clock start to chime, and wait until it complete the cycle. Give 2 hours to the clock to correct itself.


Congrats ! You did it yourself ! For more detailed information about specific topic, please check our other video, and the instruction Manual. All the content presented here, comes from Howard Miller instruction manual. See you Next time! Take a minute to browse our store!

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