Grandfather Clock Buying Guide - Choosing the Perfect Grandfather Clock for Your Home: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Grandfather clock buying guide - Choosing the Perfect Grandfather Clock for Your Home: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Purchasing a grandfather clock can be daunting. Here at we will make your life easier. The website is carefully built to sort out and filter the exact clock you are looking for. 

Does it even happen to you when you are looking to buy a product in store and you feel like the sales clerk is not advising you correctly? The most common problem customers have is not knowing what they want because they don’t know what they don’t know. A good advisor will fill the gap by asking the right type of question to you and define the best suited product for you. 

Is this guide we will go over:

  • Why having a grandfather clock is a great idea
  • Why do they call it a grandfather clock?
  • Considerations before buying a grandfather clock
  • Grandfather clock components
  • Grandfather clock style
  • Grandfather clock movement
  • Grandfather clock size
  • Grandfather clock chime
  • Grandfather clock features
  • Grandfather clock numeral
  • Grandfather clock finish
  • Receiving a grandfather clock shipping and set up
  • Grandfather clock maintenance
  • Where to buy grandfather clock

Why having a grandfather clock is a great idea

Grandfather clocks are not new at all. I am sure if you ask your entourage if they have any kind of grandfather clock, they have one but don’t maintain it anymore. In recent years, premium brands like Howard Miller and Hermle have produced astonishing looking clocks at a great price. These clocks are luxury furniture to embellish any proud homeowners. Stand out of the crowd by buying these clocks for any occasions worth remembering: sentimental gifts for grandparents, a memorial for someone special or an important relationship. 


Why do they call it a grandfather clock?

Grandfather clock is a pseudonym name for longcase clock. In 1680, when the first longcase clock was made, it was the primary name known for. Until 1876, when Henry Clay Work made a song called My Grandfather’s Clock, it became a success and everyone started to call the longcase clock a grandfather clock. These clocks were very popular at that time due to their longevity and durability with proper maintenance. 

Considerations before buying a grandfather clock is aiming to make your grandfather clock easier and simpler to buy. We have used filters on the grandfather clock collections page to make your shopping simpler.

  • Style: is there any particular look you are looking for?
  • Movement: are you looking for a mechanical movement or quartz battery movement?
  • Size: are you looking for a 80 inches tall standing clock or less? Or are you looking for a pendulum wall clock that is cheaper and stays on the wall?
  • Chime: is there any particular sound you really want?
  • Features: additional features?
  • Numeral: how would you like to read the time?
  • Finish: any particular colour?

Grandfather clock components

See below the most common parts of a grandfather clock

grandfather clock components

Grandfather clock style

At, we are fully aware that a style of a grandfather clock can sort out in my ways. We have decided to sort it in 6 different styles.

Traditional. Traditional style is what a person first thinks of when they want to buy a grandfather clock. They follow the traditional design with a pendulum.

Contemporary. Contemporary style is a mix of different standing clocks with a modern look.

Mora. Mora clocks are easily recognizable with their round crown and particular shape.

Retro. Clocks which are a mix of vintage looking clocks.

Classic. Clocks that are simple by design and we classified them classic.

Curio. Clocks that have a storage place instead of a pendulum.

Grandfather clock movement

Grandfather clocks can be powered mechanically with weights or by a quartz battery. 

Mechanical movement clocks can be driven by cable or chain. If by cable, you need to wind the clock with a key in the winding hole located in the clock face. If by chain, you need to pull the chain up to move the weights up so it can continue functioning on its own power.

Battery power clocks are easier to operate because you do not have to do anything manually. The power of the battery itself can last a long time. These types of clocks are generally cheaper because the mechanism is less complex.

Grandfather clock size

Grandfather clocks can be intimidating by their large size. They have various sizes to accommodate everyone. Following the logic of grandparents' names, these clocks can be named: grandmother and grandson. There are no clear distinctions in all the names so we have sorted them based on our own criteria.

Grandfather clock size: 80 inches in height or more

Grandmother clock size: Less than 80 inches in height

Pendulum Wall Clock: Mini grandfather clock that stands on the wall. Smaller in size. Also call Regulator clock.

Grandfather clock chime

The classic chime most grandfather clocks have is the Westminster chime. There are clocks that integrate 3 different chimes than you can choose. 


Triple chime 
[audio westminster]


[audio st.michael’s]


[audio whittington]


Triple Chime tubular

This particular movement is widely recognized as the epitome of grandfather clock mechanisms. Unlike traditional ones where hammers strike chime rods, it features hammers striking long tubes that gracefully hang down the back of the clock. The result is a captivating and melodic ringing sound reminiscent of a majestic church bell.


Ave maria

[audio ave maria]

Bim Bam

[audio bim bam]

Grandfather clock features

Auto-night shut-off

The auto-night shutoff is a feature that automatically keeps the clock from chiming during the night time hours. The chimes are usually silenced from around 9 or 10 PM to 6 or 7 AM.

Silence Lever

This is a mute option so your clock will never chime

Moon Dial

You can track the moon phase if you set up the moon dial correctly. This is a cool feature for moon lovers.

Grandfather clock face numeral display

Choose between a roman numeral display, an arabic numeral display (normal numbers) or a no numeral display. It's up to you to really choose what you want.

Grandfather Clock finish

Choose between: Black, Cherry, Dark oak, Light Blue, Oak, Walnut, White, Gray, Chrome

Receiving your grandfather clock and set up

Congratulations on your new clock. We hope this guide helps you understand your options. Understanding what you are buying and why is important to us. Feel free to contact us at for more information.

We offer free white glove delivery for most of the grandfather clocks. It is a stress-free process that allows you to receive the clock in the room of your choice. We also take care of the packaging disposal. We also have horologist partners in selected areas that we can refer you to if you need help for setting up the clock.

We want to make your experience as easy as possible.

Grandfather clock maintenance

We highly recommend you take your grandfather clock maintenance seriously to have a long lasting clock for generations. The sole purpose of this guide was not about the maintenance but we will produce one later on. It is recommended that grandfather clocks be oiled every two years. While this can be done by the owner, it can be complex and if done incorrectly will damage the mechanism. We recommend you to a qualified clock repair service near your area.

Where to buy grandfather clock

We are your ultimate destination for the largest catalog of exquisite grandfather clocks. We are proud to offer you an extensive selection of premium Hermle and Howard Miller clocks that are simply unparalleled in the Canadian market.

Picture this - walking into your living room and being greeted by the majestic presence of a Hermle masterpiece. Its intricate craftsmanship, impeccable design, and melodious chiming will instantly transport you to another era. Or perhaps, you prefer the timeless elegance of a Howard Miller clock, known for their exceptional quality and precision.

Unlike any other retailer in Canada, we have gone above and beyond to curate an exclusive collection that will leave you breathless. Our passionate team has taken great care to ensure that only the finest clocks grace our catalog. Each piece is handpicked with meticulous attention to detail, so rest assured that you're investing in nothing short of perfection.

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